Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Painting Two, The Final Judgement, is in the works...

In front of "The Damnation" in January 2015    oil on canvas    8ft x 14ft
It has been a few months since I posted here.   Now that I was able to get a bunch of paintings behind me, including the Crucifixion for a church in Akron, Ohio, a few other minor commissions, my Circe painting that is currently in Barcelona, Spain after it was shortlisted for the Figurativas International Painting Competition and another version of Circe that I am currently finishing.

Now that my client is ready for me to resume the second part of this commission I will be starting on a companion piece to The Damned which will be The Final Judgement.  This painting will also be 8ft x 14ft with about 100 figures.  It will show both Heaven above and demons dividing up and dragging people to Hell.  It will be the most ambitious painting of my career so far.  That is saying a lot considering the last painting was as challenging as it was.  From what I know at this time it will have to be completed by October so it will make for an accelerated timeline again.  In plain terms, no sleep for another two months.  I will post once I make a few alterations to the Damned painting and I get the new canvas secured to the wall of my studio.  You'll hear from me again soon.  Get ready for a crazy ride...
The Crucifixion - commissioned for St. Sebastian
RC Church in Akron, Ohio    March 2015
"Circe" oil on birch  4ft x 5ft  May 2015
Shortlisted for the Figurativas International Painting Competition in Barcelona, Spain