Thursday, October 15, 2015

Day 24-25 Halfway Finished? Not quite.

I had hoped to be done with half of this commission by the 15th of October but I didn't quite make it. However, I've been picking up the pace the last few days and I think I can make the time up.  After weeks of work I believe I'm finally feeling in "the groove".

All of the figures I painted the last few days are in the on the right side of the mural in the "Hell" section.   I will be finishing the last few today and painting some of the demons before moving onto the middle of the painting.

I mentioned at the start of the project that I decided not to stay up ridiculous, late hours working on this one and that I would try to get at least six hours of sleep each night.  I also stopped drinking coffee and I've continued weight training.   In contrast to my last painting I feel healthy and ready to take on the rest of this painting to deliver it on time.  That isn't to say that the next two weeks will be easy but I'm ready to take it on.  Til next time..

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